Tuesday, January 12, 2010

rsbrat's Runescape clue scroll solver widget!

Hey everybody! We haven't wrote in a long time and that was because we were working on a project of our own!

Now this project is done and we are showing you brats :D

Behold the rsbrats Clue scroll solver!

This is the widget you see on the side of our blog! It has a search input that allows you to find instantly any clue scrolls you have!

This should help you guys deal with confusing and long clue scrolls and to avoid to do long searches only to find one location.

The way it works is that , let say you get a clue written like this "Generally speaking his nose was very bent" , you don't know who or where to search? type in the first word of the riddle and the widget automatically finds the answer for you!

How it works:

You need to type the starting word of your clue scroll and the widget will automaticly update the list and give you the answer.

You can also click on the list to get the answer.

The rsbrats clue scroll widget features:

-every single clue scrolls
-instant search
-over 300 pictures of maps

Why should i use it?

-quick answers and locations
-It has every single clues listed on the opposite of other incomplete clue scrolls pages.
-It can be installed on any web pages so if you have a blog , a website or even facebook, you can install it.
-It is free
-It will make you a cooler brat!

What about the map clue scrolls?

there is a button on the widget linking to a page that has all the answers.
It is lag free and isn't heavy to load on a page it is a light script.

The pictures are too small!

click on the picture to enlarge them!

It is our first attempt at making a widget for blogs and websites , it wasn't easy but we are happy of what it gave. A lot of effort was put into this , all the pictures you see have been edited and cropped by Brat Miss.

on my side , i have coded all the widget and put it all together.

I hope you will appreciate our work , we wanted to create something easy to use and that would make clue scrolls easy to make

Here is link to video of our widget =)

It does work but i still intend to improve it. any suggestions? just ask us on our ask a brat widget! or directly to us on our irc Chat #rsbrats . Enjoy!

-Brat_Miss Brat_Master0

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