Friday, September 3, 2010

Bonus XP weekend !!

23rd August Jagex posted article that was good/bad news to some.
"We’re happy to announce that an extended Bonus XP Weekend will be running from the 3rd to the 6th of September 2010! Members should prepare their potion ingredients, stock up on planks and build up a strong Dungeoneering prestige to get the most from the four days."

Bad news huh?
Well its bad news to someone who likes to work hard and has been working hard to get their ranks up on particular skills. Now those "noobs" that aren't ready to put money and time on those skills gets their XP almost free and without effort to put on it.
Well it was bit harshly put,but i have heard complains bit like that about bonus xp weekend. I understand somehow how those hard workers and "old school scapers" feel, but hey.. you will have now possibiliy gain some ranks more during weekend, so don't spit on it! Besides its only 10 hours and its not 2.7 x all that time, it goes down fast.

But for brats this is good news. We like to work hard on our skills yes but xp like this just gives us some kick to do skilling more even before that actual weekend. Whole week we have gather stuff for it and prepare to do some hardcore skilling =). Oh yes you did hear right, we brats are going to do that 10 hours of skilling, of course! Bars, logs, herbs and potions are waiting in bank.
We are gong to do some smithing, herblore and woodcutting. Im curious how much xp we actully can get during that time.

It will be interesting to see all those skilling brats around runescape. I hope all has got their items that has try to buy or gather and is ready to do some levels up! But don't forget to take care of your in real needs too..all that skilling will make you thirsty and hungry

also don't forget rest well! =D

Here is reminding of that Jagex's post about how xp will go down.
"Once the Bonus XP Weekend begins on Friday 3rd September, the XP modifier will come into effect for all members. The modifier will begin at x2.7 the rate of XP you would earn from standard training activities, and will drop to a new multiplier every 30 minutes of game time. The table below should help with any preparations you want to make!:"

Game time (mins) XP Multiplier
Up to 30 x 2.7
30-60 x 2.55
60-90 x 2.4
90-120 x 2.25
120-150 x 2.1
150-180 x 2.0
180-210 x 1.9
210-240 x 1.8
240-270 x 1.7
270-300 x 1.6
300-330 x 1.5
330-360 x 1.45
360-390 x 1.4
390-420 x 1.35
420-450 x 1.3
450-480 x 1.25
480-510 x 1.2
510-540 x 1.175
540-570 x 1.15
570-600 x 1.125
600+ x 1.1

( more info about that you will find here:

We brats wish you all good luck and have fun! Hope to see you guys around skilling and chilling =)

-brat miss and Brat Master0

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Money making -bound on luck

If you tell people to ask anything from Runescape, i guess most common question would be "How you make your money there?" or "Tell me how to do few millions in few hours". Money has always interested people and why not, since you need it to do your skills and get your gears.
There is one but on it. There is not such a thing as "quick money" and you can't ever satisfy person with your answer how to do money quick. Why? Because fast, lot and easy are words that means different to everyone. What is to me fast and easy way is to other annoying and too slow. It depends how much patience you have and also what you consider as "good money". I can be happy with few 100k per hour and other person might wait to get 500k per hour. So thats why its hard to give pleasuring answer on "how to make fast money?"

I could say that making money is 80% about luck. Nothing else. If you think of all ways to make money, most are hanging of luck. Lets use as an example those guys who has 1000m gp in bank and nice set of partyhats. How many of them just did skills to get that all? i could say they haven't, or they have partly but not for all money. Pretty many of those persons has play for long time. They might have got those hats when they were dropped by Jagex and were so wise that kept them till partyhats raised skyhigh. They might have skilled at beginning when there wasn't that trade limit or GE and they could make profit by their skills. So they were lucky enough to be on Runescape at right time. Or they had money to buy tons of items which later got merched up. So its all about luck =p

If we look common ways to make money we can see how much its about being lucky.
They aren't in particular order, just listed randomly.

1. Clues -if you are lucky, you can get rich fast. (if you get new mask or 3rd age)
2. Pking -if you are lucky, and your target drops good loot
3. Godwars dungeon -if you are lucky, you can get hilt or armour piece
4. Slayer - if you are lucky, you can get visage drop from dragons or whip drop
5. Monster klling without slayer - if you are lucky, you can get good drops from them
6. Minigames such as temple trekking or barrows - if you are lucky, you might get good reward
7. Skilling such as fishing and mining - if you are patient enough, you will get lots of money out it.
8. Merchanting -if you are lucky, you might find a item with you can make profit
9. Collecting and selling -if you are patient enough to run between source and bank, you might make good money out of it
10. Lending item -if you are greedy enough, you can get some pocket money by lending item to person who is in need.

Alright, now if we look that list many of them was about having good luck. Of course not all of those ways aren't that great for money, but are used still.

I want to say few words of some of those listed ways to get money. Because there is few ways that people usually takes wrong and dislike for wrong reasons.
For example slayer. Some people says that its not good money and that its freaking annoying skill. Well i want to correct that a bit. Its good money, some of my money has come from it.And thats why i usually try to defend slayer. Why people dislike it is that they aren't patient enough to get it up where real money comes. Or they do it wrong way. Most common mistake is that low level combat goes to ask tasks from master that gives higher monsters and also they aren't ready to put a bit money on slayer. Im not telling you need to buy runescape best armour and weapon to manage on slayer.. no i don't mean that.
What i mean is if you are seriously going to level up slayer you need to put some money on it to make it easier and more fun. I feel sad when i see under 100 cmb holding godsword and wearing bronze full x.x and no money to have food or prayer potions. What you should do is get decent gear to stand hits and also decent weapon. You don't need godsword to do slayer if you don't have decent gear -.-. With less expensive weapon, good gear and have money for potions you would go more further. Also if you can affort for guthans or put money for summoning to get bunyip it is huge help when doing slayer. Less banking for foods. When these things are rightly done, slayer goes much better and finally get it to pay you back what you have put on it.

Other thing i want to point on is pking and godwars dungeon. People usually push down skilling by saying " i make better money with pking and godwars". Yes some do.. i have say it on my earlier posts that its one way but not good for all. You need luck on both also you need some money to start it. You need good gear and also food, potions. With pking you have big chance to get killed and lose money, if you are unlucky or just suck on pking =o. Godwars you need get team, hop on severals servers to find empty world and hope not to get crashed. You can also try solo, but chance to get hilt with few kills isn't that high. It seems easy money, but it isn't that fast or easy if you think what all it needs to get lucky. Its actually several hours of waiting and preparing. I still don't say its bad, but what i mean its just one way to make money and as much depending of luck.

Skilling like fishing and woodcutting is pushed down for no reasons. Its not fast money maker yes, but it is good source for money if you have buttmuscles enough thick to stay still few hours. With patience you get millions after little. At first it might feel long and hard to earn even little, but level by level it will be more profit when you get to fish or cut better things. Besides skilling doesn't need to be "boring" you can talk with friends during skilling or watch movie.

Why those advices to earn money doesn't fit to all? Why i don't get as much as other one even i try do same as he? Because it depends of 1. your levels, 2. your luck, 3. of time you put on it and 4. What you see isn't always truth.
Huh? Think about it. If you look videos of guy pking with awesome gear and he wins all.. never die! Then you try do same, you put all your moneys to get some of that gear, you go and try.. fail and die!!!!!!! ( after swearing you might wonder wtf.. why me, what i did wrong?)
Well cold truth is that sometimes when you try to follow those videos you don't notice that cmb level is different, he might have done it years, he has something you don't and he success cause of it ( spell or spell or weapon, no laggy net.. so on so on. And also remember, everyone dies sometimes, not all show then on videos though =p.
So you need to think before run to try those advices will they work on you? Also check what are requirements before you blame its not working. Some times they need certain levels to get even half what they say. Like when you talk about skilling.. level 90 fisher gets definetly more money out of it then level 50. Also if you try to do it 5 mins and then give up not even get used to that way to do some skill, you can't say its not working. If you put time on it and get used to method you are trying, your result is much more better than after just short time try.

And when it goes to geting money by drops sadly it is more about luck. When your friend says "this monster is great i just did 500k". You try them and get barely 200k its not fun. But thats how it is.. there is two kinds of persons. Ones that has golden spoon in butt and others that are unlucky moles who try and try and never get lucky drops.. till one day luck will change! But its the salt of this game, waiting and surprises. Are you unlucky mole or have golden spoon in butt? If you are lucky brat, enjoy of your luck now since it can change =p. If you are unlucky mole, don't give up. Your time will come if you are patient enough and keep trying!

So what we learnt today? There is not such as fast money.. to get wallet full you need to be patient, lucky and not to be too picky.

=) Good luck to all on their ways to make money !

-brat miss

pst. We are still hunting elite scrolls with master0, if we get lucky chest, you will see it on posts =p

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Treasure trail update and bank space

This weeks update was waited i think. Those who had give Jagex their email to make account even more secure was rewarded with 10 more bank space. You haven't give your email? Well no worries, you can do it now in runescape account management page and get that update for your bank. I admit 10 doesn't do much when you have always full bank, but i say its better than nothing!!

More or less waited was treasure trail update. Those who doesn't like to do clues, might sigh deep, but those who do every clue they get will jump up and down.. till they get to read that those elite level clues aren't that easy to get. You only get them from high level monster as Bork, kalphite queen and godwars dungeon bosses. Of course, they must be hard to get since you need really work to get it done and rewards are great. You will need to do celtic knot puzzle and kill high level god mage. You can get dragon mask, god bow, druidic 3rd age set, god dragon hides or dragon armour trimming kit.

also they added some new puzzles

Some new rewards has been added also on normal level 1, 2 and 3 clues. Like heraldic armours, now you can get full set not only heraldic shield or helm. I think its good to have some new items there aswell even they aren't that expensive as elite clue rewards.

zamorak arrows

new teleport scrolls

We brats are curious about new items and clues and we will keep you guys updated when and if we get those, what they will be alike =)

Now all brats out to hunt clues !!!

-brat miss